Access to the CSU Photography Stock Library

CSU Guest Users

  • Guests can search the CSU Photography Stock Library to preview photographs, view caption information and print low-­‐resolution PDF reference pages. Guests can also download a watermarked and proof sized image for positioning purposes. Please use the CSU Guest login and password provided below:
    • Login: csuguest
    • Password: photos

Registered Users

  • Registered Users including CSU designated marketing and design personnel can use the Registered User Catalog Access link to access their college or department catalog of commissioned photography. Registered users can also use the links below to search and preview all available stock photography.

The CSU Photography Stock Library consists of four different catalogs provided at three separate web sites.

Stock Photography

  • Contemporary Catalog - Contains photographs taken from 2007 to the present. This is a showcase catalog as it holds only a small sampling of all photography taken on the CSU campus for this period.
  • Colorado Environment Catalog - Contains photographs taken off the CSU campus including images of Colorado lakes, rivers, mountains, cities, parks and agriculture scenery etc.

Historic Photography

  • Historic Catalog - Including photography dating back to 1870 up to images taken in the 1980s.

CamStock Photography

  • CamStock Catalog - The CamStock catalog contains images of iconic CSU scenery and activities. Photography provided in the CamStock catalog is provided at no charge for electronic use and $15 for print publication use. This catalog is provided for the intended use of CSU colleges, departments and affiliates.

To license photography from CSU Photography you can use the Send Collection Link feature, listed below, to alert CSU Photography as to which image(s) you would like to license. Please include in your message how you would like to use the image(s) e.g. electronic or web use, print publication or print-for-display only. You may also include the account number to be used or you may request an estimate.

How to: Send Collection Link

  1. Ensure that you have logged in as a CSU Guest or with a Registered User profile; only a personal or departmental profile will allow this functionality.
  2. Place selected photographs into your collection basket by clicking on the small basket located under each thumbnail.
  3. Open your collections basket by clicking on the blue Collection Basket button located at the upper right of your browser window. Your collection basket will open displaying the photographs you have selected.
  4. To send the contents of your collection basket via email, click on the Send Collection Link icon located at the upper right hand side of your collection basket window.
  5. The Send Collection Link dialog box will appear. Items listed with the asterisk * are required fields and must be completed for the email to be sent successfully.
  6. In the Collection Name:* field enter a name using the suggested three section naming convention: (A)collectionname – (B)catalogname – (C)deletiondate
    • A custom name for your collection
    • The catalog the photographs were collected from
    • The safe deletion date for the collection to be deleted.
  1. Complete the To:* and Subject:* fields and include a short message in the Text: box if desired.
  2. Embargo Date: Indicate an embargo date if items are to be made available only after a specific date. Clear this field and leave empty if the files are to be made available immediately.
  3. Expiration Date: Designate the expiration date or safe deletion date
  4. Require Password: Optional, if checked you will be prompted to specify a password prior to sending your email.
  5. Permission: Check all applicable boxes.
  6. Click on the Send button

A message will be sent to the recipient of your email. The email will provide two links, one which will be accessible online and another link which will be accessible via the client-side Cumulus application. The second link is recommended for use when a request for stock image use is needed, only Creative Services and CSU Photography staff use this link.

For additional help you can use the Help button located at the top right hand side of your web page.

Updated Tuesday, December 09, 2014