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Communications and Creative Services (CCS) now has many photographs taken over the past years and are available via an online image application called Cumulus. Cumulus, which can be accessed from a web browser, houses catalogs with many photos of faculty and staff, research and programs, farm produce, flowers, gardens and landscapes, plants, fruit and vegetables. - This URL is for registered users. Registered users will find their college/department catalog of images. All photographs are downloadable at the highest resolutions. - The General URL address contains two catalogs, the Contemporary and Colorado Environment catalogs. Currently these catalogs are not date specific. You will find images dating back as far as 1980 and as recent as this week.

The Contemporary Catalog holds images of all subjects photographed within the Colorado State University campus environment. This includes campus scenes and buildings, classrooms, as well as sporting events and research related images. It also contains images of ARDEC, ERC and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

The Colorado Environment catalog contains images of subject matter not on the CSU campus. This includes photographs of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Cities of Fort Collins and Denver and others, rivers, parks, flowers, gardens, Colorado wildlife and agriculture etc. - These Historic catalogs are separated into two date ranges.

The Historic Photography catalog contains mostly black and white photographs dating back to 1870. You will also find image as recent as 1999.

The Master 2000-2006 catalog contains images within the 2000 to 2006 date range. This catalog of photographs contains images taken on the Colorado State University campus. - This Electronic URL address contains the Electronic Use catalog. This is a select set of images that are made available to the Colorado State University campus community at a special pricing structure.

Electronic Use: No charges will apply when photographs within this catalog are used for University related Web display, PowerPoint presentation or DVD production.

Publication Use: The photographs in this catalog are available for publications use at any size for a flat fee of $15.

Username: CoopExt

If you do not know the password, Call Ruth Willson at 970-491-6988 or e-mail

Photo Quick Reference Guide

Updated Tuesday, August 05, 2014