Set a Date and Get Started – Just Do It!

Set a Date and Get Started - Just Do It!
by: nporterco

"Set a Date and Get Started, Just Do It!"

Hi, I have not seen you in a couple of weeks. Remember the last time we talked about how influences during my childhood are still affecting my health and wealth today?

Sure. Has that conversation been helpful to you in thinking about changes you want to make in eating, physical activity, or managing your money?

It really has helped. I have decided that I want to start taking some positive actions to change my future. I have just kept procrastinating and putting it off. Now years have gone by. I have gained twenty pounds and I have not had a vacation in three years. I would like to save some money so I can take a vacation without feeling guilty about spending the money. But I am not really sure how to start.

It is important to mentally prepare before changing your behaviors. First you need to set realistic goals. You want to lose twenty pounds, by when? You want to save exactly how much money, by what date, for your vacation? When are you going to begin? Then you need to think about the obstacles you might face and how you will overcome them.

The holidays are over and my birthday is tomorrow. I want to start eating better and exercising more starting next Monday. I would like to lose twenty pounds by this summer in time for a vacation to the beach.

Happy birthday! That sounds like a good plan. How much money do you need to save over the next six months for your beach vacation?

I just got a raise at work. I would like to save that money, $150 a month, so I will have $900 for my vacation. This way I won't really miss the money since I haven't been getting it before.

Are there obstacles that you might have to overcome during the next six months?

Well, this is a busy and stressful time at work. I will have to really plan ahead to buy groceries and prepare healthy meals and snacks so I do not end up running through fast food places for meals or hitting the vending machine. I will also have to make sure to find time for at least thirty minutes of physical activity each day.

You might want to write up and sign a commitment contract with yourself. I will witness it for you.

That is a great idea. I will do that tonight. It'll be an early birthday present for myself.

If it would be helpful, I will be your walking partner at lunch every day. As we walk you can keep me up-to-date on your progress. And I will try to keep you motivated to accomplish your goals. It sounds like you have thought all of this through. Nobody can do it for you. You have to do it for yourself and be committed to making the changes. You have set the date, now get started. Just do it!

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Updated Tuesday, August 05, 2014

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