Small Acreage Management:

Master Steward Program

Need tips to improve your Small Acreage Property?

Design a plan that meets your needs! Whether it is to improve your pastures or raise more livestock, we will help.

Join us:
Master Steward Training Program
Wednesdays: April 23 – June 18, 2014
6 pm to 8:30 pm at the First National Bank of Cortez Community Room

How we can help

Colorado State University (CSU) Extension, the USDA-NRCS, Dolores Conservation District, and our partners want to collectively help landowners make informed management decisions that will protect the resources on private lands. Therefore, the Colorado Master Steward program will train interested residents and landowners to become knowledgeable and skilled land stewards. The lessons learned in this short course will help you reduce input costs and at the same time improve the quality of life we work so hard to maintain!

This course will give private landowners the tools necessary to implement cost effective management activities on the land. Utilizing local know-how and research-based information, participants will leave the course with their own customized management plan to put into place on their own property.

Proper stewardship promotes conservation, improves yields, amplifies savings in input costs, increases biodiversity, and develops tourism and recreational opportunities.

These courses are designed to fit YOUR needs!

Course 1: Stewardship Planning
4/23   Setting the Stage: Inventory Resources
4/30   Focusing Goals: What you actually do
Course 2: Property Attributes
5/7   Soil Getting down and Dirty with Soil
Managing Soil to keep it productive
Got Water? (Irrigation)
5/14   Water Water Quality
Protecting household drinking water
Septic Systems
5/21   Stream/Pond My Place on a Stream
So you think you want a pond?
Course 3: Property Management
5/28   Vegetation How Grass Grows
What to do about Weeds
How Woody Vegetation Grows
6/4   Management Pasture Establishment & Renovation
Managing Grazing on Range & Pasture
Managing Woodlands & Forests
6/11   Animals & Wildlife So you want to be an Animal Owner
Caring for your Animals
Managing Wildlife
Course 4: Sustainable Stewardship
6/18    The Whole Farm Approach: Focus on implementing a plan
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Two hands-on Saturday field tours and a FREE soil analysis are included in this course! Sponsored by the Dolores Conservation District.

Further Questions?

Contact: or (970) 243-5068 x 128 or (970) 565-9045 x 118

Registration for this 9 week interactive course with 2 field tours is only $120 per property.
To register please click here

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This program is offered in part due to a fellowship grant supplied by the Center for Collaborative Conservation. The CCC Fellows Program is designed to strengthen engagement by promoting collaborative research, education and action on critical issues that link conservation and livelihoods on landscapes around the world.

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