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Native Plant Master® Program

The Native Plant Master® Program has announced a newly expanded 2012 schedule of offerings. Explore a new park by taking an award-winning Native Plant Master® course. Sample one of the exciting new classes taught by CSU faculty and other experts. Topics include native plant landscaping, poisonous plants, native lawns, invasive weeds, grasses, orchids and more, alpine/subalpine plants and ecological restoration. Most of these popular offerings have a waiting list each year, so register early to ensure you get the class you want.

The Native Plant Master® Program is offered in many locations throughout Colorado. For more information and to register, please visit www.conativeplantmaster.org

Small Acreage Weed ID and Control Workshop

August 26, 2014
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Longmont, CO

The focus of the workshop will be to address weed problems that currently exist on small acreage properties, not backyards. This will include noxious and troublesome weeds that are common to small acreage properties. The goal of the workshop is to provide the landowner with the tools needed to develop an Integrated Weed Management Plan (IWMP) using sound integrated weed control strategies. Identifying the weed species is the first step in weed management. You are encouraged to bring your weed samples to the seminars for proper identification. Once a weed is identified, the 4 weed control strategies (cultural, biological, mechanical and chemical) can be tailored to your situation. The Weed Management Workshop is hosted by a partnership between Colorado State University Extension and Boulder County Parks and Open Space.

Cost: $10/person/workshop
Location: Boulder County Fairgrounds, Natural Resources Bldg., 9595 Nelson Rd.
Registration: Register online at http://csu-extension-boco-weeds.eventbrite.com

Safe Food Handling for Urban Gardeners Webinar

August 26, 2014
6:00-7:30 pm

Learn about Denver’s new Fresh Produce Sales Home Occupation zoning ordinance and how you can safely grow and sell fresh produce from your home garden. Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to food safety
  • Health and hygiene practices
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Safe harvesting, storing and selling practices
  • Resources to keep you connected!

To join this webinar, go to http://connect.extension.iastate.edu/colofood. Type your name in the space “Enter as a Guest.” Click “Enter Room” to enter the webinar. Audio will be over the Internet. You will be muted for the webinar but will be able to ask questions through the “Chat” function at the bottom left of your screen.

Webinar connectivity issues, contact: darrin.goodman@colostate.edu
Webinar questions, contact: Martha.Sullins@colostate.edu

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