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2015 Classes

Make this the year to learn more about Colorado’s beautiful wildflowers, trees and shrubs. Take an exciting new class taught by CSU faculty and other experts or an award-winning Native Plant Master course where you learn about plants in their natural habitats.

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For classes offered in the Denver, Gilpin, and Jefferson Counties, see http://npm.eventbrite.com

Those completing three NPM curriculum courses are awarded a Colorado Flora Certificate with no volunteer requirement. For those interested in educating others by becoming a certified Native Plant Master volunteer, click here .

Horse Manure Composting: Specific Steps to Start or Improve the Process

June 19, 2015
12:30 pm MT


Horses can be significant contributors to water quality impairment with the 50 pounds of manure they produce every day. Horse manure composting is one way to reduce this impairment. This webcast will discuss various aspects of composting horse manure. Bedding options and how they impact the composting process as well as basic design considerations in large and small operations will be discussed.  

How Do I Participate?

On the day of the webcast, go to www.extension.org/58813 to download the speaker’s power point presentations and connect to the virtual meeting room. First time viewers should also follow the steps at: www.extension.org/8924.

Online Food Preservation Course

Preserve@Home provides research-based food preservation education across Colorado county geographical barriers. Participants learn how to produce high quality preserved foods and the science behind current food preservation techniques and food safety.

Individuals with little or no previous food preservation experience are welcome. Anyone with an interest in food preservation and food safety can enroll in Preserve@Home. Colorado Cottage Food Vendors that are making jams/jellies, drying herbs, and other preserved items could benefit from this online training.

Eventbrite Registration & Payment Deadline
June 15,2015

Online Course Available to Access from your computer
June 18, 2015

Chats Thursday’s 1:00 MST
June 25 – July 30th

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