Small Acreage Management:

Animals Resources


  1. Do not handle wildlife, especially skunks, raccoons, foxes and bats that are acting inappropriately or have died.
  2. Vaccinate your pets and livestock.
  3. Educate yourself. Save your life or the life of a loved one. For information go to the Colorado Dept of Health website:

To most of us, animal health, care, and enjoyment are our main focus on the farm or ranch. Caring for your animals includes providing proper housing, feed, and water. Additionally proper animal manure management must be considered. Proper animal management techniques will not only keep your animals healthy, it will also help sustain your plants, soil, and water.


Livestock Management in the Mountains - Booklet developed specifically for Colorado mountain communities. Topics include fencing laws, dealing with predators, cold temperatures and snow, handling emergencies, poisonous plants, and much more.

Manure Management

Sustainable Manure Management Practices

  • Dispose of manure, bedding, and feed wastes by composting, spreading on crops, or hauling it to a composting or disposal facility.
  • Store manure at least 200 feet from water sources including wells and streams.
  • Eliminate animal access to streams, ditches, ponds, and wetlands.
  • Locate corrals and pens downslope of streams and wells.

Livestock and Animal Resources

yaks Healthy Living with Goats

SAM Videos

  • Raising Sheep & Goats for Profit - 20 min. video. Goat and sheep owners discuss manure and pasture practices, fencing, feed and water, predator control, housing, and treating sick animals.

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