Small Acreage Management

Understanding Your Land Understanding Your Land
Your source for information and educational materials for sustainably managing your land. To improve your land stewardship, it is essential to understand the resources on your land (Soil, water, animals, plants, and air) and develop a custom management plan based on your property goals. Learn more

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Colorado Master Steward program Colorado Master Steward program
Want to implement proper stewardship to keep your property healthy? We will cover topics like proper pasture management, soil health, tending to domestic animals, or dealing with pesky weeds, and more. Click here to learn more.
Current Newsletter - Winter 2014 Newsletter Current Newsletter
Winter 2014 Newsletter addresses seasonal issues such as winter livestock care! Learn more.
Healthy Living with Goats Healthy Living with Goats
An overview of health issues for the backyard farmer. More info.
Small Acreage Irrigation Guide Small Acreage Irrigation Guide
Water rights, uses, irrigation management, and overview of irrigation systems and pumps. Download guide.
Small Acreage Success Story Small Acreage Success Story
Landowner shares his experience with pasture management. Watch now.
Colorado Forage Guide Colorado Forage Guide
Read about common Colorado forages; their uses, management, and seeding. Download guide.
Small Acreage Landowners Small Acreage Landowners
Meet other Colorado small acreage landowners. Watch now.

2014 Events Calendar

April 23 Colorado Master Steward Program
April 26 Boulder County Farm Tour
April 26 Gardening 101
May 3 Douglas County Farm Tour
May 8 Maximizing Irrigated Pasture Productivity Webinar
May 17 Delta County Farm Tour
May 17 Maximizing Irrigated Pasture Productivity


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