Consumer Connections

Consumer Connections will keep you up to date about all manner of consumer issues -- food and nutrition, parenting, health, elder care, and making wise Consumer choices. For the latest information, read these articles written by Colorado State University Extension agents in the Denver Metro area.

Be a wise healthcare consumer
Clean It - Dry It - Disinfect It: Mold and Mildew Control
Create a will to make sure your wishes are honored
Keeping Records - why, what, where and how long?
Money lessons for life
Small Home Can Be a Livable Home
After school activities can change a child's life
"Boy Code" - myths that create life challenges for boys
Children and Chores
Children and poisons act fast
Co-parenting after divorce
Couples and retirement - another stage in growth and change
Designing Spaces for Children
Discipline - Use as opportunity to teach children
Families of choice
Family emergency preparedness - be prepared!
Family game night - fun, learning and laughter
Fathers - their importance
Grandparenting - What does it mean today?
Helping children cope with disappointment
Helping Kids Grow Up Drug-Free
Home can be a dangerous place for children ... put safety first
Learning Through Play - a Child's Job
Making screen time count to improve children's health
Vaccines are not just for kids
What makes children violent?
When adult children move back home communication on finances is key
Food & Nutrition
Avoiding the number three killer in the United States
Chronic disease in adults related to birth weight and prenatal care

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Updated Tuesday, August 05, 2014