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Native plants 

aspen fallMany plants native to Colorado are used in residential landscapes, most notably our state tree, the Colorado blue spruce, and the quaking aspen. Plants native to a particular area are well adapted to those soil and climatic conditions. They also resist pest insects and diseases common in that area.

Colorado is a large state with diverse climates and soil conditions. Often, plants from mountain soils that drain well may not grow well in compacted clay soils found in urban areas. A native plant doesn't mean the plant is drought-tolerant. Many native plants of higher elevations require plenty of moisture.bristlecone pine

Some trees native to Colorado that are frequently used in the landscape include the limber pine, southwestern white pine, pinyon, bigtooth maple, bristlecone pine, ponderosa pine, Rocky Mountain juniper, hoptree, Douglas fir and white fir.potentilla

Shrubs suitable for landscape use such as the lead plant, mountain mahogany, Apache plume, New Mexico privet, rabbitbrush, chokecherry, three-leaf sumac, potentilla, fernbush, Gambel oak, sagebrush, western water birch and western sandcherry are native to Colorado.

For "Xeriscape plant choices" refer to message number 1907.

For more information, see the following Colorado State University Extension fact sheet(s).

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Updated Tuesday, November 19, 2013