Vole Tunnels or Burrows

Voles in Tiny TownTunnels or burrows in lawn areas are caused by small, mouse-like animals called voles. Voles are most active in lawns that are near unmown pastures or wooded areas, or where dense vegetation provides shelter for them. Voles feed on grass and dig tunnels to move about under the lawn.

vole damage juniper closeTo discourage voles, rake these areas lightly and then continue with a normal fertilization, mowing and watering schedule.

Populations of voles are cyclical, so they may appear for a couple of years and then disappear for a number of years. If they are causing extensive damage to trees, shrubs and lawns, use baited mousetraps to reduce their population.

vole trailsCare should be taken when using traps where young children and pets have access to them.

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Updated Friday, October 17, 2014