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Dog spots

Straw-colored grass or dead spots with dark green borders are common in lawns of dog owners. The concentrated salts in the urine of dogs, particularly female dogs, cause these spots.

Dog spots

There are only a couple of solutions to this problem. Some dog owners follow the dog with a hose and wash the spots, a labor-intensive solution to the problem. A better solution is to retrain the dog to go to a specific, out-of-the-way area, perhaps a graveled, remote corner of the property.

Dog spots

Water is the only thing that can reverse the effects of dog urine on grass. Do not apply baking soda, dish washing detergent, or products claiming to dissolve or leach the salts. They will be ineffective and may compound the problem.

Sometimes the damaged grass can't be revived, making reseeding necessary. The damaged spots should be heavily watered with a hose for a few days before reseeding or resodding.

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Updated Friday, April 19, 2013