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Horsehair worms

Horsehair worms are a startling oddity, usually spotted during summer rainy periods. They are a thin worm from four to 14 inches long and range in color from brown to clear yellow or white. They often are spotted in waving clusters on the tops of tall flowers. Other likely locations are near ponds, streams, birdbaths, pet water dishes and livestock watering troughs.horsehair worms

These roundworms are considered beneficial since they parasitize and kill harmful pests like grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, cockroaches and slugs. They do not infect humans, pets, livestock or attack plants. No control measures are recommended.

If you spot horsehair worms slowly waving from a perch after a summer rain, you have just spotted one of the true oddities of nature.

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Updated Friday, February 21, 2014