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Pesticides: safety

Pesticide label directions provide information for the applicator's personal safety, safety to others and safety to the environment. Because so much is at stake, it's important to read and understand directions on pesticide labels before using them. Remember, the label is the law.

Signal words on every pesticide label indicate the degree of toxicity resulting from immediate exposure to the product. Danger isthesignal word for pesticide labelhighlyhazardouspesticides. When this word appears on the label, it indicates the pesticide is so highly toxic that only a few drops to one teaspoon full ingested orally is lethal to a human.

Warning is the signal word for pesticides that are moderately toxic. This signal word indicates it would take one teaspoon to two tablespoons to be lethal.

Caution is the signal word for pesticides that are slightly toxic, and indicates two or more tablespoons are lethal.

A pesticide's degree of hazard is based on its toxicity level and level of exposure. To minimize risk when using pesticides, eliminate or reduce exposure.

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Updated Friday, August 08, 2014