Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are easy to grow and care for, and make lovely additions to any home or office. This plant does well in a variety of conditions, and is more likely to outgrow its home than die there.Rubber plant

Rubber plants prefer warm temperatures. Although rubber plants adapt quickly to household and office temperatures, for best results, maintain a day-time temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or more, and a night-time temperature of 65 degrees.

Rubber plants require adequate soil moisture, but over-soaking the soil will cause problems. To avoid over-soaking, use pots that drain. If the pot is set in a saucer, discard the excess water after each watering.

Rubber plant

To ensure proper growth, place your rubber plant in a commercially available potting soil. Repot the plant when it requires re-watering on a daily basis, or if it becomes too large for its container. Apply a soluble fertilizer suitable for house plants once every two months if the plant is exposed to high light, and once every four months in medium-lit areas.

With proper care, rubber-plant leaves will retain a glossy appearance. Gently wipe leaves with a moist tissue or soft cloth to remove dust. To remove stubborn stains, add a small amount of hand soap to the water. To give leaves a shiny appearance, wipe them with a cloth moistened with leaf-shine products available at your favorite garden center or nursery.

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Updated Tuesday, October 13, 2015