Avocado trees are fun and easy to start indoors. Simply suspend a seed in a glass of water, placing three or four toothpicks in the side about half-way down the seed. Then, place the seed, flat end down, in a container, and add enough water to cover the lower half of the seed.

Put the container in a sunny window or some other well-lighted spot. Add water as needed to keep the bottom half of the seed in water at all times. After a few avocadoweeks, a small root will appear in the water and signs of a small, tender shoot will appear at the pointed end. Later, when the stem pushes through the top of the seed, plant the seed in a well-drained potting medium.

Avocado plants will grow with water, fertilizer and light. Water the plant often enough to keep the soil evenly moist. When an avocado plant is over-watered, it develops curled leaves and soft stems. When under-watered, it wilts and develops dried leaves, which eventually fall off. Give the plant a small amount of houseplant fertilizer every three months, and good, indirect light every day.

Avocado plants eventually grow into trees that require lots of space to grow. If your home is small, you may want to start a new plant every three or four years. However, it may take as long as 20 years or more for your tree to bear fruit.

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Updated Friday, June 19, 2015