New Staff Orientation Online

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This material has been placed online to help new employees in their first few months on the job. Each folder below links to helpful information that can be used as an introduction to, or resource about, important issues in Extension. We hope that making this information immediately available will allow agents to have access to what you need, when you need it. In addition, we hope it will make our on-campus new staff orientation more valuable to new employees. After completing this orientation, you will be able to bring specific questions for the experts at CSU - instead of getting general lectures about the basics. This site will keep evolving, so keep checking for new material.

*Completion Checklist*

The next New Staff Orientation on Campus will be ‘tentatively’ scheduled for the week of September 14 and there will be emails sent when further information is available.

Basic Orientation to Colorado State University Extension

Program Development and Evaluation

Extension Policies and Procedures

Professional Growth

Marketing and Promotion

Updated Friday, June 05, 2015