Native Plant Reference List

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Native Plant References

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CSU Extension Fact Sheets

ID Books

  • Carter, J. and M. Leggit. Trees and Shrubs of Colorado. Johnson Books 1995.

  • Carter, J. Common Southwestern Native Plants: An Identification Guide. Silver City, NM: Mimbres Publishing, 2003. (has some landscape uses, too)

  • Guennel, G.K. Guide to Colorado Wildflowers. Vols 1& 2. Westcliffe Publishers 1995. Nelson, R.A. and R. Williams. A guide to Rocky Mtn Plants, 5th Ed. Roberts Rinehart Publishers, 2002.

  • Weber, William et at. Flora of Colorado, Eastern Slope. 3rd Ed. University Press of Colorado 2001.

  • Weber, William et at. Flora of Colorado, Western Slope. 3rd Ed. University Press of Colorado 2001.

  • Weeds of the West, 9th Ed. Western Society of Weed Science. 2001.

  • Wingate J.  Rocky Mountain Flower Finder.  1990.  Nature Study Guild Publishers.

  • Wingate and Yeatts.  Alpine Flower Flinder. 2003.  Johnson Books.

Gardening with Native Plant Books

  • Busco, J. and N. Morin. Native Plants for High-Elevation Western Gardens. Fulcrum Publishing, 2003.

  • Huddleston, S. and M. Hussey. Grow Native: Landscaping With Native and Apt Plants of The Rocky Mountains. Fulcrum publishing 2003.

  • Mee, W. et at. Water Wise: Native Plants for Intermountain Landscapes. Utah State University Press 2003.

  • Phillips, Judith. Natural by Design. Museum of New Mexico Press 1995.

  • Phillips, Judith. Plants for Natural Gardens. Museum of New Mexico Press 1995


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Additional Information

CMG GardensNotes on Native Plants

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Author: Irene Shonle, Ph.D., Colorado State University Extension, Gilpin County

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