Water Programs

Water and Weather Water and Weather
Become a volunteer weather watcher--collect data about storms & precipitation around Colorado. Learn more
Colorado Water Institute Colorado Water Institute
Resource about water, state agencies that develop water policies, and water-related agencies. Learn more

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Domestic Water Quality Criteria Domestic Water Quality Criteria
Two types of tests -- bacteriological and chemical -- are used to assess domestic water quality. Click here.
Drinking Water Quality and Health Drinking Water Quality and Health
People can survive days, weeks or months without food, but only about four days without water. Learn more
Emergency Water Supplies and Treatment Emergency Water Supplies and Treatment
An interruption of water supplies could occur due to a natural disaster such severe winter storm. Learn more
Graywater Reuse and Rainwater Harvesting Graywater Reuse & Rainwater Harvesting
Graywater reuse may not be a permissible use of water under a domestic well permit or a community water supply system.  Learn more

Updated Thursday, January 15, 2015