Water Programs

Water and Weather Water and Weather
Become a volunteer weather watcher--collect data about storms & precipitation around Colorado. Learn more
Colorado Water Institute Colorado Water Institute
Resource about water, state agencies that develop water policies, and water-related agencies. Learn more

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Emergency Water Supplies and Treatment Emergency Water Supplies and Treatment
In preparing for an emergency, store at least a three-day supply of water for each member of your family. Click here.
Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Winter Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Winter
Prepare your sprinkler system for winter by expelling all the water from the irrigation system and equipment. Learn more
Water Conservation In and Around the Home Water Conservation In & Around the Home
Home water use varies considerably, depending upon the number of people in a household, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and other factors. Learn more
Maintaining Water Quality Maintaining Water Quality
We don’t often think about how our actions affect water quality.  Learn more

Updated Tuesday, October 07, 2014