Natural Resources Programs

Small Acreage Management Small Acreage Management
Whether new to farming or an old pro, understanding your land and resources is crucial. Visit now
Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program
Pesticide safety, pest management, product labeling. Learn more

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Bacteria in Water Wells Bacteria in Water Wells
Bacterial contamination of drinking water can cause serious human illness. Learn more
Preventing Woodpecker Damage Preventing Woodpecker Damage
Control damage by preventive construction, scare devices and exclusion. Learn more
Managing Voles in Colorado Managing Voles in Colorado
Damage by voles can be reduced by habitat modification, exclusion, repellents, trapping, and poison grain baits. Learn more
Preventing Deer Damage Preventing Deer Damage
Although browsing deer are charming to watch, they can cause extensive damage by feeding on plants and rubbing antlers against trees. Learn more
Graywater Reuse and Rainwater Harvesting Graywater Reuse & Rainwater Harvesting
Graywater refers to the reuse of water drained from baths, showers, washing machines, and sinks for irrigation and other water conservation applications. Learn more

Updated Friday, March 06, 2015