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Certified Gardener Badging Program Available Online Certified Gardener Badging Program Available Online
The Certified Gardener online program is flexible and allows you to earn badges. Take individual courses or bundle them. Learn more
Colorado Plant Database Colorado Plant Database
Find research-based information about plants that grow in Colorado by name, word and blooming season. Learn more
PlantTalk Planttalk
Reliable, timely information on more than 400 horticultural topics, in English and Spanish. Learn more
Plant Select Plant Select®
Plants chosen for their beauty, resilience, low maintenance and suitability to the Rocky Mountain region. Learn more

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Emerald Ash Borer Emerald Ash Borer
As of August 2013 EAB has been confirmed in 22 states (from Connecticut to Colorado, Tennessee to Minnesota) and 2 Canadian provinces. Learn more
Hail damage Hail damage
Plants want to grow, so with time and some extra care, lots of them will recover. Learn more
When Herbicide Goes Bad When Herbicide Goes Bad
Be careful about using herbicides near any plants, as they can be damaging and even lethal to woody plants. Learn more
Fertilizing the Vegetable Garden Fertilizing the Vegetable Garden
Adding nutrients that are not needed can cause deficiencies of other nutrients and can cause an imbalance of nutrients. Learn more
The Preparation of Small Spray Quantities of Pesticides The Preparation of Small Spray Quantities of Pesticides
Pesticide labels often do not contain directions for mixing small quantities of spray. Learn more

Updated Tuesday, July 22, 2014