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Certified Gardener Badging Program Available Online Certified Gardener Badging Program Available Online
The Certified Gardener online program is flexible and allows you to earn badges. Take individual courses or bundle them. Learn more
Colorado Plant Database Colorado Plant Database
Find research-based information about plants that grow in Colorado by name, word and blooming season. Learn more
PlantTalk Planttalk
Reliable, timely information on more than 500 horticultural topics, in English and Spanish. Learn more
Plant Select Plant Select®
Plants chosen for their beauty, resilience, low maintenance and suitability to the Rocky Mountain region. Learn more

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When It's Cold Outside... When It's Cold Outside...
When plants are exposed to high winds, fluctuating temperatures from warm to cold, there is water loss within the foliage. Learn more
Fall and Winter Watering Fall and Winter Watering
Water only when air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees F with no snow cover. Learn more
Winter Browning of Evergreens Winter Browning of Evergreens
Brown evergreen needles, needle tips and branch tips are a common sight during the winter and early spring months in Colorado. Learn more
Winter Plant Protection Winter Plant Protection
Although most people think winter is a time for dormancy for woody plants, they still need protection from a variety of issues. Learn more

Updated Friday, January 09, 2015