Agriculture Programs

Building Farmers in the West Building Farmers in the West
Builds farmer capacity & community. For beginning farmers and ranchers. Learn more
Urban Agriculture Urban Agriculture
Resources for the urban farmer. Learn more
Center for Agricultural Energy Center for Agricultural Energy
Empowers agricultural producers in Colorado to make environmentally and financially sound energy decisions. Learn more
Small Acreage Management Small Acreage Management
Whether new to farming or an old pro, understanding your land and resources is crucial. Visit now
Veterinary Extension Veterinary Extension
Livestock health information and veterinary expertise. Learn more.

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Hot Topics

Cow in Snow Severe Cold Weather and Livestock
Severe wind and cold can cause significant problems for livestock and their owners. Learn more
Dryland Cropping Systems Dryland Cropping Systems
The Wheat-Fallow (WF) system stabilized yields and provided farmers with a reliable income from year to year. Learn more
BMP for Nitrogen Fertilization to Protect Water Quality BMP for Nitrogen Fertilization to Protect Water Quality
Managing the amount, form, placement, and timing of N application minimizes ground and surface water contamination resulting from fertilizer use. Learn more
Controlling Soil Erosion From Wind Controlling Soil Erosion From Wind
There are three primary means to control or reduce erosion or damage from wind. Learn more
Gastrointestinal Parasites in Sheep and Goats Gastrointestinal Parasites in Sheep & Goats
Parasites cause disease when they are present in large numbers or when the host animal is weakened by another disease or by poor nutrition.Learn more

Updated Monday, November 10, 2014