Lawn Irrigation Self Audit (LISA)

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LISA is a small kit of tools available from your local Extension office for the purpose of optimizing water use for lawn sprinkler systems. If Colorado is to accommodate another 3 million people over the next 25 years – most of them in towns and cities – the demand for urban water conservation and the cost of to water a lawn can only increase. A diagnostic kit like LISA allows for a quick and effective assessment of lawn irrigation and the means to optimize it. The optimal operation of a lawn sprinkler system eliminates unnecessary watering that leads to time consuming weed problems and inflated water bills


LISA has been designed by a statewide team of CSU Horticulture and Water Resource expertise with the goals of:

  • Maximizing wise use of urban water.
  • Improving lawn health.
  • Less time and money invested in lawn maintenance.

Additional Help:
Perry Cabot. 970-434-3264,
Tony Koski. 970-491-7070,

LISA kits can be leased or purchased from extension. Please contact a LISA team member to learn more.

Click here for the LISA web-tool

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Updated Wednesday, July 22, 2015