Camelina - Harvest and Seed Storage

Camelina harvest can be accomplished using either direct harvest or swathing. When direct harvesting, timing is critical. Direct harvest when seed moisture is near 10% and before shattering takes place. All camelina varieties will shatter when allowed to stand too long. Swathing is advisable when the variety is known to shatter or crop conditions make direct harvest difficult. Excessive weeds in-crop dictate that swathing is the better harvest method. Swath when 60% of the pods change color.

Combine settings should begin with a wide concave clearance and airflow minimized to prevent seed losses. Sieves should be set nearly tight. Adjust the settings as the harvest conditions dictate. Further, the small seed size allows seed leakage from small cracks. Therefore, inspect harvest equipment for seed leakage areas and seal them before beginning harvest. Seed should not be stored above 8% moisture.

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Updated Tuesday, August 05, 2014