Colorado Energy Master

Course Schedule

Weekday classes except for the Project Proposals class take place via online webinar from one’s personal computer. Saturday classes and the Project Proposals class typically begin from or are held at your hosting County Extension office. The Introduction class may be run either at your hosting County Extension office or from your personal computer.

Test your computer here to make sure it can run Adobe Connect in order to view and participate in the webinars.

For 2014, County Extension offices hosting the in-person classes are:

You do not have to be a resident of a host county to participate in the program, you just have to be willing to drive to one of the host County Extension offices for the in-person classes.

The schedule below is the same for all counties.

--- --- Introduction to the Colorado Energy Master Program 3/6/14 6-7:30 pm
Energy Pathways 1.1 Colorado Energy Overview 3/13/14 6-8:30 pm
1.2 Transportation Alternatives 3/20/14 6-8:30 pm
1.3 Energy and Climate Change 3/22/14 9-1:30 pm
Building Efficiency 2.1 Residential Energy Efficiency 3/27/14 6-8:30 pm
2.2 Passive House Construction 4/3/14 6-8:30 pm
2.3 Energy Audits 4/5/14 9-1:30 pm
Renewable Energy 3.1 Wind Energy 4/10/14 6-8:30 pm
3.2 Solar Energy 4/17/14 6-8:30 pm
3.3 Other Renewables 4/19/14 9-1:30 pm
--- --- Project Proposals 4/24/14 6-7:30 pm

Updated Friday, January 17, 2014