Energy Programs

Rural Energy Center Rural Energy Center
Helping rural Colorado make informed energy decisions.
Colorado Energy Master Program Colorado Energy Master
Up to 30 hours of in-depth energy coursework with optional certification as a Colorado Energy Master.
Consumer Education and Resources Consumer Education
Energy workshops, publications, decision tools, webinars, and more.
K-12 Energy Education K-12
Clean energy curricula, classroom and youth group presentations, kit loans, and teacher trainings.

Hot Topics

Home Energy Audits Home Energy Audits
Home energy audits identify places in the home where energy and money are being lost. Learn more
Heating Colorado Homes Heating Colorado Homes
Tightly sealed, well insulated homes can be much less expensive to heat than leaky, poorly insulated homes. Learn more
Insulating Colorado Homes Insulating Colorado Homes
Insulation keeps heat in the home during cold months and also keeps unwanted heat out during warm months. Learn more
Understanding Your Energy Bills Understanding Your Energy Bills (Video)
Learn from CSU Extension Energy Specialist Cary Weiner on understanding your energy bill. Learn more

Updated Tuesday, May 05, 2015

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Fast Fact

The U.S. is #3 in the world for hydropower, 5 in solar PV, 2 in concentrating solar power, 1 in geothermal, 2 in wind, and 1 in biomass electricity capacity.


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Updated Tuesday, May 05, 2015