Character at Work

Character at Work is a fast-paced, interactive learning experience for youth 16 - 18 who are entering the workplace. It emphasizes the ethical decision-making skills that are valuable for all workers. Business leaders and futurists have ranked ethics as the skill that young people need most. At the same time, a 1998 survey showed that 46% of high school students said they had stolen something from a store; 70% said they had cheated on an exam, and 92% said they had lied to a parent. The ability to determine right from wrong, what are acceptable standards of conduct, and what attitudes and attributes foster and sustain a society are skills an employee can transfer from job to job.

Character at Work is a curriculum handbook with 72 pages of text, handout masters, and background materials for facilitators. It can be ordered from the State 4-H Office at Colorado State University, 129 Aylesworth NW, Fort Collins, CO 80523-4050. The cost, including shipping and handling, is $30.00. Orders must be prepaid, to the Colorado 4-H Youth Fund, Inc.

Please contact co-authors Jan Carroll, Ph.D. (970-491-6102), and Dale Leidheiser (970-491-7881) for additional information or to arrange a facilitator training.

Updated Tuesday, August 05, 2014