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Up-to-date drought-related resources from CSU Extension & our partnering agencies. Click on the topic area on the left for topic specific information.


Western Governors' Drought Forum Western Governors' Drought Forum
Shares case studies and best practices on drought policy, preparedness and management. Learn more

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Colorado Drought Response Portal Colorado Drought Response Portal
Provides information to the citizens of Colorado regarding the statewide drought response. Learn more
Current Colorado Drought Information Current Colorado Drought Information
Resources regarding the current Colorado drought. Learn more
Drought Frequently Asked Questions Drought Frequently Asked Questions
What is drought? Is Colorado currently in a drought? Who monitors drought conditions in Colorado? Learn more
CSU and other National Extension Drought Related Information CSU and other National Extension Drought Related Information
Fact sheets, tip sheets and other Extension related resources dedicated to drought. Learn more
Miscellaneous Drought Resources Miscellaneous Drought Resources
Resources from agencies such as the American Red Cross, FEMA, eXtension, Department of Ag and many more valuable resources for Colorado citizens. Learn more

CSU Drought Response/ Communication Team

Updated Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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Drought Webinars
Series of six webinars discussing weather updates, crop insurance, crop production issues, insect concerns, livestock, family financial mgmt and other concerns related to drought.