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Center for Agricultural Energy


The Center for Agricultural Energy is a joint effort between Colorado State University Extension and the College of Engineering. Our Advisory Board is representative of the government agencies, non-profits, and utilities serving rural Colorado as well as the producers receiving those services.

The CAE Advisory Board is composed of representatives from the following organizations:

  • Rocky Mountain Farmer’s Union
  • Colorado Livestock Association
  • Colorado Energy Office
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture
  • USDA – Rural Development
  • USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Tri-State Generation and Transmission
  • Xcel
  • Black Hills
  • Three Producers At-Large
  • Extension Agent At-Large
  • Water Representative

The function of the Board is to:

  • provide informational updates to the Center Co-Directors on items of relevance to agricultural energy at those meetings;
  • provide direction to the Center Co-Directors in pursuance of Center goals;
  • identify potential funding sources in support of the work of the Center; and
  • raise the visibility of the Center as appropriate.

The following Colorado State University faculty contribute to the work of the CAE:

Name Title Area(s) of Focus Email
Mike Kostrzewa CAE Co-Director and Senior Research Associate, Mechanical Engineering Agricultural Energy Audits
Cary Weiner CAE Co-Director and Energy Specialist, Extension Outreach
Dr. Abdel Berrada Research Scientist, Soil and Crop Sciences Oilseed crops for biofuels
Dr. Perry Cabot Water Resources Specialist (Southern Region) Irrigation efficiency, oilseed crops for biofuels
John Deering Agricultural Economist (Northern Region) Farm equipment, biofuels economics
Dr. Courtney Jahn Assistant Professor, Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management Sorghum for biofuels
Dr. Jerry Johnson Assistant Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences Oilseed crops for biofuels
Dennis Kaan Golden Plains Extension Area Director Agricultural economics
Ron Meyer Agronomist and Extension Agent (Kit Carson) Oilseed crops for biofuels
Joel Schneekloth Water Resource Specialist (Northern Region) Irrigation efficiency
Dr. Sybil Sharvelle Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Anaerobic digestion
Dan Zimmerle Senior Research Associate, Mechanical Engineering Small hydropower, distributed and renewable energy systems and microgrids

Updated Wednesday, January 08, 2014

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